Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Additions/Changes to Race Bible

Thank you for all the e mails. The cool thing about a first yr race is there is room to make adjustments. Below are a few changes and additions to the bible based on racer feed back

1. Cut off points by mileage ( approximate- your bike computer may be a little different as these were derived from a GPS file)

     # 1 . Bottom of Zen  1: 30pm   mile18.6
     # 2. Stucki/Rim Runner Junction  4: 00pm  ( note we changed this from 3:30)   mile 32.5
     #3. Start of Barrel Rolls 4:30pm  mile 35.8

2. Directions to Aid Stations. ( These are the ONLY place you can receive support)

  # A . Support crews will not be able to access this area until after 9:30 am
           take Dixie Drive  north to Canyon View Dr. Turn left and  go to where the road turns to dirt. We would prefer support and spectators park at the top dirt lot and walk down to the aid station to keep vehicles off the course. This is also the best place to view the first half of the race.

# B. Take Dixie Drive north to Sunset. Turn left and proceed through the town of Santa Clara. As soon as the down town ends there will be a road to the left that crosses the river. Proceed to the security staff who will left your through for support and give you directions. Note the dirt road is VERY rugged. If you do not have a truck or SUV you may want to park at the bottom and walk up.

3. Stamps... we suggest getting your stamp on your arm as it is the easiest and fastest way for you to move through the check points.. however you can choose where you want your stamp, we don't care. They can be on your leg, your back, your face....they  can even be on your number plate as long as they DO NOT interfere with the number. ( we suggest on the back)