Sunday, March 18, 2012

We have taken down the early results. A few corrections have been made and final result are being posted here.
100 and challenge should be live by mid -night 3/18. 50 Milers will probably be final by 10 am 3/19

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Min Registration

There will be walk up registration from 3 pm to 6 pm Friday only. There is no day of registration. Cash or Checks only.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Please read the race bible

Click link to read the full letter Racer BIBLE

Monday, March 12, 2012

Prizes and Swag

We have lots of cool stuff to give-away during True Grit. Whether you place in the top 3 or middle of the pack we want as many people as possible to walk away with something great.

* The Cash Purse amounts are guaranteeing with a minimum of 15 per class. The Womens 100 have already been adjusted to reflect the lower registration numbers. Others may be adjusted based on final registration numbers.  If there is not a finisher in a place the over all purse will be reduced by that amount and the prize will not be awarded. 

* Some prizes are not yet shown as we are waiting for exact items from our sponsors to make a place determination. A final updated list will be posted at the race venue prior to the start. 

Race Place Prize 1 Prize 2
Epic 100 Male
1 $800 Carbo Rocket 333
2 $255 Carbo Rocket Endurance 
3 $125 Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 100 Female
1 $500 Carbo Rocket 333
2 $200
3 $100
Epic 50 Open -Male
1 $400 Carbo Rocket Endurance 
2 $200 Acli-Mate
3 $100 Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 Open-Female
1 $400 Carbo Rocket Endurance 
2 $200 Acli-Mate
3 $100 Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 Single Speed -Male
1 XTR Pedals Carbo Rocket Endurance
2 Ergon BX2 Pack Elete Citrilyte 8 OZ
3 Club Ride Jersey  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 Single Speed -Female
1 Shimano Pro Shoe -certificate Carbo Rocket Endurance 
Epic 50-50+ 
1 Ergon BX2 Pack /Pro Grips
2 Ergon BX2 Pack Elete Citrilyte 8 OZ
3 Club Ride Jersey  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 -35+ Male
1 Shimano XT Pedal & Shoe Carbo Rocket Endurance
2 LW Coaching Training Plan Elete Citrilyte 8 OZ
3 Club Ride Jersey  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 35+ - Female
1 Shimano XT Pedal & Shoe Carbo Rocket Endurance
2 LW Coaching Training Plan Krieg Bag
3 Club Ride Jersey  Krieg Bag
Epic 50 14-34 -Male
1 Ergon BX2 Pack /Pro Grips Acli-mate
2 Red Rock Gift Certificate $100 Elete Citrilyte 8 OZ
3 Club Ride Jersey  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Epic 50 14-34 Female
1 Ergon BX2 Pack /Pro Grips white Krieg Bag
2 Red Rock Gift Certificate $100 Elete Citrilyte 8 OZ
3 Club Ride Jersey  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Challenge Male
1 Club Ride Jersey  Krieg Bag
2 Ergon Pro Racing Gloves
3 Ergon Technical Grips  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
Challenge Female
1 Club Ride Jersey  Krieg Bag
2 Ergon Pro Racing Grips-white Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ
3 Ergon Technical Grips  Elete Citrilyte 2 OZ

Finish Award

  • All 100 Mile Racers and the top 80 EPIC 50 racers ( that is the first 80 to cross the finish line) will get a commemorative Finisher Pint Glass
Race Swag

  • By the time the race happens on Saturday we estimate having about 60 items to give out to lucky racers. We have decided to give them out randomly based on finish time. This list is to date with the assigned times, but their will probably be more. 

  • Rider ( in any race or category) closest to the randomly selected time get the swag 
  • Only 1 item per rider.. If a rider would be eligible for more than 1 item they can pick  one and the rest will go back into a second randon give-away.
  •  When you finish your tag will be pulled to check for your marks and your time recorded.  Official finish times will be updated about every 30 min. If you hit this time you will be able to claim your prize at the prize tent. ( this did not work as it was too hard to track down racers once we had enough results to determine who might have got them one on this list received a prize based on time so we just did a few throw outs in the afternoon. It seemed like a good idea. next year we will try something simpler maybe ) 
SWAG In -Time
1 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 1:30:30 PM
2 Ryder Sun glasses 1:40:40 PM
3 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 1:45:45 PM
4 Ryder Sun glasses 1:50:45 PM
5 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 1:55:12 PM
6 Carbo Rocket 333 1:59:22 PM
7 Elete Citilyle 2 oz & pair of arm bands 2:01:50 PM
8 dopio coffee cup 2:07:40 PM
9 Speed Zone bike Computer 2:15:30 PM
10 Elete Citilyle 2 oz & pair of arm bands 2:20:20 PM
11 Carbo Rocket 333 2:25:36 PM
12 Bumazing Chamois Stick 2:29:55 PM
13 Elete Tablets 2:32:23 PM
14 Ryder Sun glasses 2:35:35 PM
15 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 2:42:12 PM
16 sm red rock socks 2:45:36 PM
17 shimano hat 2:47:47 PM
18 sm smart wool socks 2:50:22 PM
19 sm red rock socks 2:53:33 PM
20 Myka Grips 2:56:22 PM
21 sm smart wool socks 2:59:07 PM
22 Bumazing Chamois Stick 3:02:23 PM
23 Elete Tablets 3:06:15 PM
24 Ryder Sun glasses 3:16:23 PM
25 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 3:21:25 PM
26 Ergon Technical Grips 3:26:30 PM
27 Club Ride Jersey - Men XL 3:27:56 PM
28 sm red rock socks 3:30:01 PM
29 dopio coffee cup 3:33:33 PM
30 sm smart wool socks 3:44:30 PM
31 Continental Tire T -shirt 3:48:01 PM
32 Elete Citilyle 2 oz & pair of arm bands 3:52:45 PM
33 Elete Citilyle 2 oz & pair of arm bands 3:55:09 PM
34 Continental Tire T -shirt 3:59:59 PM
35 Ergon Technical Grips 4:01:01 PM
36 Shimano T-shirt Men M 4:06:66 PM
37 Ergon Technical Grips 4:10:10 PM
38 Elete Tablets 4:12:01 PM
39 Ryder Sun glasses 4:15:15 PM
40 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 4:19:19 PM
41 sm red rock socks 4:21:25 PM
42 Continental Tire T -shirt 4:23:26 PM
43 sm smart wool socks 4:26:25 PM
44 Continental Tire T -shirt 4:29:30 PM
45 Elete Citilyle 2 oz & pair of arm bands 4:36:25 PM
46 Continental Tire T -shirt 4:41:55 PM
47 Citrilyte 8 oz 4:44:30 PM
48 Elete Tablets 4:48:52 PM
49 Continental Tire T -shirt 4:50:12 PM
50 Ryder Sun glasses 4:52:30 PM
51 Continental Tire T -shirt 4:54:30 PM
52 Dirt Rag Pint Glass 4:58:44 PM
53 Continental Tire T -shirt 5:01:30 PM
54 Citrilyte 8 oz 5:05:05 PM
55 Ryder Sun glasses 5:10:30 PM

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Live Tracking

After months of research we have decided on as our host for live tracking of the True Grit Race. WE have tested the app extensively and found that it collects a signal during the entire course. The tracking is done via a mobile app. We have tested it on i-phones and droids and it works great. We have not tested on Blackberry and other devices they claim to support.

This is an added value to your race experience NOT a requirement. However we hope that you will participate as it will make it more fun for everyone. You can give the live link to your loved ones and they can follow you on line, we will be displaying the live feed at the finish line so your supporters will know when you are coming in, plus it will help our volunteers be prepared when you come by their stations.


Go to and create an account. Use your real name as your user name and put your category before your name if you are in the EPIC race  ( ex.. 35jim smith. SSkarry eliott. 50john doe ( for masters) , 20kevin jacobs ( for 14 to 34) , 100jane smith ( for 100 milers) and nothing if you are open 50) . Just use your name if you are in the Challenge race.

Select your app : Either you can have the app sent to your phone when you register or you can find it in your market. The app is free but if you upgrade it has a battery saver function that will be helpful if you think you will be longer than 6 hrs.

Set Up : 
Set up your sport as MTBing
Set your account to public you can be viewed
Join the event .. find the little mtb guys on March 17th on the events page
There are 2 event options depending if you are in the 23 mile race or the EPIC 50 or 100. Join the correct event
in the app settings

  •  enable "live Tracking" 
  • put in your user name and pass word so it connects to the site
  • set sport to mnt biking
  • set units to miles
  • Practice a few times before race day

Race Day: 
Open the app
assure your phone gps is on
hit the big START button

View it Live: 
Give these links to friends and family to watch  50 or 100  23 mile

Note, the web site gives people a ranking but this will not be accurate to your place. We are not using this for timing and unless everyone participates the rankings will be off. They can see your progress and when you finish. Official results will be posted here Sat night after the race is over.

New Course Map Available

Thanks to for helping us calculate options and get a new map available to you guys asap. Basically the only 2 ways to get 50 miles was 2 laps on barrel rolls or 2 laps on Zen , and I pretty much guessed no one wanted to do extra Zen laps.

Basically the new distance is just over 50 miles. To make the technical difficulty comparable we took out the 1st 1/2 of lower Zen, but added the second half which is fun single track. Then you will cut off at clavical hill and ride stucki. Then everyone will do 2 laps on barrel rolls like last year. A course marshal will check off your laps on your racer tag. Cut off times have changed to 3 pm at the Stucki rd junction and 4 to start your first barrel rolls lap ( zen finish is the same at 2 pm) . These are noted on the new map. This change also means that you can access the 2nd aid station 3 times if you need to.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Challenge Race limit increased

We just received word that our limit for the challenge race could be increased by 30, so as of today there are 39 spots available. Get in before they are gone.

Course Change

We just learned that during a population study for the Bear Claw Poppy that the Fish and Wildlife Service discovered a high number of poppy near the course due to the warm winter/spring we are having. This is an endangered plant that thrives in the area near the race course.

They have asked us to make a course change this year to help protect the plant and we have agreed. What this means is that the course will be the same as last year with 2 laps on the barrel rolls instead of doing lower poppy. We will be creating new course maps and devising a check point system to assure everyone does the proper number of laps. We will also be adjusting the cut off times to work with the changed course.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope you will understand that we want to keep in the good graces of those who issue our permits and allow us to hold this event.

Monday, February 27, 2012

True Grit 100 -FAQ

To clarify for those doing the 100 Mile Epic..

  • Start time is 7 am,
  • Cut off times are the same as for the 50. Finish is at 6pm. You have 11 hours
  • The course DOES NOT go back to Tonaquint Park. You will start your second lap at the Key Hole Wash after you exit Cove Wash
  • You will have access to the aid stations 8 times
  • You can send drop bags
  • We want everyone to use the live tracking ( see next blog entry) 
  • There will be 25 course marshals on course to assure racers stay on the course at all times
Also, with less than 3 weeks to go and no females registered for the 100 mile option we have canceled that category till 2013. Females may still enter, but it is now one category that is open. We will bring back the female option in 2013 if there is interest.