Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Course Map Available

Thanks to for helping us calculate options and get a new map available to you guys asap. Basically the only 2 ways to get 50 miles was 2 laps on barrel rolls or 2 laps on Zen , and I pretty much guessed no one wanted to do extra Zen laps.

Basically the new distance is just over 50 miles. To make the technical difficulty comparable we took out the 1st 1/2 of lower Zen, but added the second half which is fun single track. Then you will cut off at clavical hill and ride stucki. Then everyone will do 2 laps on barrel rolls like last year. A course marshal will check off your laps on your racer tag. Cut off times have changed to 3 pm at the Stucki rd junction and 4 to start your first barrel rolls lap ( zen finish is the same at 2 pm) . These are noted on the new map. This change also means that you can access the 2nd aid station 3 times if you need to.