Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Live Tracking

After months of research we have decided on as our host for live tracking of the True Grit Race. WE have tested the app extensively and found that it collects a signal during the entire course. The tracking is done via a mobile app. We have tested it on i-phones and droids and it works great. We have not tested on Blackberry and other devices they claim to support.

This is an added value to your race experience NOT a requirement. However we hope that you will participate as it will make it more fun for everyone. You can give the live link to your loved ones and they can follow you on line, we will be displaying the live feed at the finish line so your supporters will know when you are coming in, plus it will help our volunteers be prepared when you come by their stations.


Go to and create an account. Use your real name as your user name and put your category before your name if you are in the EPIC race  ( ex.. 35jim smith. SSkarry eliott. 50john doe ( for masters) , 20kevin jacobs ( for 14 to 34) , 100jane smith ( for 100 milers) and nothing if you are open 50) . Just use your name if you are in the Challenge race.

Select your app : Either you can have the app sent to your phone when you register or you can find it in your market. The app is free but if you upgrade it has a battery saver function that will be helpful if you think you will be longer than 6 hrs.

Set Up : 
Set up your sport as MTBing
Set your account to public you can be viewed
Join the event .. find the little mtb guys on March 17th on the events page
There are 2 event options depending if you are in the 23 mile race or the EPIC 50 or 100. Join the correct event
in the app settings

  •  enable "live Tracking" 
  • put in your user name and pass word so it connects to the site
  • set sport to mnt biking
  • set units to miles
  • Practice a few times before race day

Race Day: 
Open the app
assure your phone gps is on
hit the big START button

View it Live: 
Give these links to friends and family to watch  50 or 100  23 mile

Note, the web site gives people a ranking but this will not be accurate to your place. We are not using this for timing and unless everyone participates the rankings will be off. They can see your progress and when you finish. Official results will be posted here Sat night after the race is over.